What is Clean Food?

O.k., it’s no common term, as far as I know. But I have a definition at hand, what I mean with „clean food“: Food that is not spoiled by unpleasant substances.

Especially some soups and souces shown a strong impact on my stomach. I had the feeling that I was converted into a living biogas reactor. No details. The same goes for a lot of sweets combined with fat.

I practiced more and more „cooking from scratch“ – omitting prefabricated foods and components. The funny thing is that these meals show up much higher compatibility with my body. Nice saturation effect without blurbs or other side effects.

Using some good oils, some spices, vegetables and high quality noodles, rice or bulgur – add wine and soja souce gives access to well tasting meals without unwanted side effects.

The resulting food is clean, not spoiled by additional chemicals or additives – those side effects just aren’t well known today. So I like to call it „Clean Food“.

I am not the inventor of this style of cooking. Just go back e.g. 100 years and you will see that in that time there was no other way than to cook clean food!

But it has to be simple so I decided to base my daily food on a selected number of „basic components“ like pasta & rice plus a small set of spices like majoran or thyme plus some fresh spices like chili and garlic. These are compatible with a lot of vegetables which I buy on a near daily basis.

It’s not only the components which have to be simple but also the style of cooking. I prefer to use only one cooking device if possible – in Germany we call some soups „Eintopf“ – „one pot“ –  simplifying the process considerably.