BME280 Breakout Board GYBMEP (violet color): Change Address for BME sensor

ISSUE: Use two BME280 sensors on the same I2C bus.

AFFECTED DEVICE: The bread board of type GYBMEP / violet color / one mounting hole / 4 pins has the default I2C address 0x76

PROCEDURE: Please orient the sensor with the connector holes downsides, mounting hole upper left side, sensor to the upper right.
I have enclosed the sensor with a sheet of kitchen aluminium foil to protect it from the vapours emittet by the soldering process.

 Remove the bridge between the two left solder pads (of a total of three pads) with a knife, and connect the two right solder pads with a bubble of solder.

REMOVE the Al foil sheet before connecting the bread board!

TEST: Test the i2c address e.g. with the arduino script „i2c_scan“ which will send the addresses of all existing/recognized i2c devices from the arduino via USB to the serial monitor.